Today’s software-driven world demands a need to shorten time-to-market, enhance productivity, IT alignment and reduced costs.

Agile and DevOps have emerged as the gold standard for enabling a quicker transformation. We understand what it takes to create a culture of agile within our customer organizations.

The transformation to a Digital Business requires organizations to absorb new priorities and align themselves to address rapidly changing business requirements.

The DevOps paradigm brings in the ability of ‘continuous deployment’ to the Agile Manifesto. The goal of DevOps is to deliver better customer experience in a much faster way than it was possible otherwise.

  •    Continuous focus on code quality.
  •    We use state of the art code quality and automation tools
  •    Static code analysis using Sonar. Identify bugs, code smells, coverage and duplications
  •    Performance testing using JMeter. Identify performance bottlenecks in services
  •    1000+ Junit cases to cover 90+% code
  •    Continuous builds using Jenkins. Entire test suite runs on every code check-in
  •    Automated UI testing using Selenium.